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Line Painting

Pavement Markings and Line Painting drastically increase the curb appeal of your property. Freshly painted lines on a black Sealcoated parking lot stand out even better.

We specialize in everything from brand new parking lot layouts to restriping faded or crooked lines.

Rhino Pavement offers:

  • Parking lot layouts

  • Parking lot striping

  • Warehouse striping

  • Airport striping

  • Road markings

  • Handicap Stencils

  • Electric vehicle Stencils

  • Crosswalks

  • Crosshatching

  • Speed bumps

  • Curb Markings

  • Directional arrows

  • Custom Stenciling


... And any other type of pavement marking you can imagine!


Line Striping for Customer Satisfaction

Line Striping your parking lot with our team of experts at Rhino Pavement will ensure the most efficient use of space. Our line painting division will assess the parking lot in question and offer possible redesigns of your current layout, looking for ways to maximize the use of space and add spots when possible.


We ensure all parking lot markings are compliant with municipal zoning by-laws and the AODA act of 2005. This includes:

  • Required number of parking spots

  • Minimum drive aisle width

  • Required Accessible parking spots as a percentage of total spots

  • Directional signage and markings

  • Fire Lane marking

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