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Crack sealing

Driveway Crack Sealing Waterloo Region

Crack Sealing is one of the most important measures you can take to protect your asphalt.

When water enters your cracks and freezes, this leads to wider cracks, depressions, and even potholes. With time it can also make its way down to the asphalt subbase, which can be a very costly repair.

To prevent this, we apply a hot rubber asphalt crack filler which bonds to the walls of the crack creating a watertight seal. The rubber expands and contracts with the freeze/thaw cycle and prevents anything from entering the cracks.

Asphalt crack repair together with Sealcoating are the two most important steps in protecting your asphalt surface and extending its lifespan!

Asphalt crack filler Waterloo Region
Asphalt crack repair Waterloo Region
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